Digital PDF magazine of Seventeen Magazine - April 1958 America's Teen-age magazine 195 pages, teen girl periodical from the late 1950s Featuring * Paris! The Eiffel Towers over Greens * Graduation Sheers: Floating at Chantilly * Cardin Designs for you * French Cuisine: C'est Bon! * French Fillips * Flowers for the Tuileries And more! DIGITAL VERSION SPECS: * The magazine language is English * Comes as a high quality PDF file, approximately 204MB. * Has a pink tinge throughout some pages, not too off-putting. * Readable from your PC, table, phone, etc. ------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE MAGAZINE: 1. – Make your purchase 2. – In your email receipt, locate the blue "Download" button. The file share link is in the attached PDF. 3. – Follow the link and instructions attached. 4. – Open and read at your leisure!


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