The Book of the Future - PDF Digital Download Book - From Usborne Books 1979 Readable from your PC, table, phone, etc, or print out! 100 pages book in three main parts, colour pages in high resolution. Take a step back in time to the 1970s when the world beyond the year 2000 was still a mystery and the best minds of the time were able to "have a crack" at making predictions. RECALL! - Memories of this (or similar books) and being fascinated about the prospects of a very sci-fi future AWE! - At the meticulously illustrations throughout this book and pinpointed details LAUGH! - At how very few of the predictions actually came true, and the world we live in is actually significantly more boring than this book shows. SHOCK! - At some disturbing accuracies of hybrid cars and powered bikes (see last picture) NOTE: * The book language is English * The PDF can be downloaded after payment. You will get an email with a link. * The download is approximately 18 MB


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